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Click to Play Cute Magic
Cute Magic (80%)
Click to Play Cast A Spell
Cast A Spell (85%)
Click to Play Word Master
Word Master (85%)
Click to Play Magic Apprentice
Magic Apprentice (82%)
Click to Play Bipole
Bipole (84%)
Click to Play Orbwars Mayhem
Orbwars Mayhem (84%)
Click to Play Witches Brew
Witches Brew (85%)
Click to Play Lightning Bugs
Lightning Bugs (88%)
Click to Play Savage
Savage (82%)
Click to Play Attack To Magix
Attack To Magix (85%)
Click to Play Spell Duelist
Spell Duelist (79%)
Click to Play Spell Blazer
Spell Blazer (86%)
Click to Play Spell Racer
Spell Racer (72%)
Click to Play Michimind
Michimind (78%)
Click to Play Cassandra The Witch Dress Up
Cassandra The Witch Dress Up (85%)
Click to Play Group X - Idioth
Group X - Idioth (74%)
Click to Play Kiss The Frog 2
Kiss The Frog 2 (79%)
Click to Play Thamesis Ep. 04
Thamesis Ep. 04 (78%)
Click to Play College University: Episode 1
College University: Episode 1 (64%)
Click to Play Tower of Doom
Tower of Doom (85%)
Click to Play Super Alpha Soup
Super Alpha Soup (69%)
Click to Play Frog Prince Game
Frog Prince Game (70%)
Click to Play Frog Prince Game
Frog Prince Game (79%)
Click to Play Zap to It
Zap to It (84%)
Click to Play Quiet Magic 2
Quiet Magic 2 (81%)
Click to Play Dora Fairytale Fiesta
Dora Fairytale Fiesta (85%)
Click to Play Snow White's Apple
Snow White's Apple (85%)
Click to Play Magic and Tactic
Magic and Tactic (90%)
Click to Play Turtix
Turtix (89%)
Click to Play Valentine Elves
Valentine Elves (77%)
Click to Play Elf Ball
Elf Ball (84%)
Click to Play Elf Ball
Elf Ball (78%)
Click to Play Princess Kissing
Princess Kissing (87%)
Click to Play DJ and Chowder in H.O.U.S.E.
DJ and Chowder in H.O.U.S.E. (79%)
Click to Play Battlegemz
Battlegemz (73%)
Click to Play Harry Potter Kiss
Harry Potter Kiss (84%)
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