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Click to Play Who wants to be a Millionaire
Who wants to be a Millionaire (89%)
Click to Play Lord of the Rings - Millionaire
Lord of the Rings - Millionaire (87%)
Click to Play Suit Styler
Suit Styler (87%)
Click to Play Moshi Monsters Puzzle Palace
Moshi Monsters Puzzle Palace (87%)
Click to Play The Shoe Quiz
The Shoe Quiz (87%)
Click to Play Quiz Fighter
Quiz Fighter (87%)
Click to Play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (86%)
Click to Play Super Generic Quiz Game
Super Generic Quiz Game (86%)
Click to Play Magic Mirror: Who Are You Today?
Magic Mirror: Who Are You Today? (86%)
Click to Play Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune (85%)
Click to Play X-Men Personality Test
X-Men Personality Test (85%)
Click to Play The Quizz Game
The Quizz Game (85%)
Click to Play Spiffy Speud
Spiffy Speud (85%)
Click to Play Simpson's Millionaire
Simpson's Millionaire (84%)
Click to Play Trivial Blitz
Trivial Blitz (84%)
Click to Play What Type of Friend are You?
What Type of Friend are You? (84%)
Click to Play Chinese Lemon Chicken
Chinese Lemon Chicken (83%)
Click to Play Love Quizz
Love Quizz (83%)
Click to Play Hangman Plus
Hangman Plus (83%)
Click to Play Daisy Cupcakes
Daisy Cupcakes (83%)
Click to Play Take Something Literally
Take Something Literally (83%)
Click to Play Geography Game: Europe
Geography Game: Europe (83%)
Click to Play Mystery IQ Test
Mystery IQ Test (83%)
Click to Play Hang The Alien
Hang The Alien (82%)
Click to Play The Ultimate Video Game Quiz
The Ultimate Video Game Quiz (81%)
Click to Play Mulan: Warrior or Princess
Mulan: Warrior or Princess (81%)
Click to Play Zombie Apocalypse Quiz
Zombie Apocalypse Quiz (80%)
Click to Play Geography Game
Geography Game (80%)
Click to Play Braindead Test
Braindead Test (79%)
Click to Play Geek or Serial Killer?
Geek or Serial Killer? (79%)
Click to Play Hangmallia
Hangmallia (79%)
Click to Play US of A Game
US of A Game (78%)
Click to Play Bank Time
Bank Time (78%)
Click to Play Word Boss
Word Boss (78%)
Click to Play Two-Minute Drill
Two-Minute Drill (78%)
Click to Play Totally Spies: Are you Totally Spy
Totally Spies: Are you Totally Spy (77%)
Click to Play European Cities
European Cities (77%)
Click to Play Personal Monster Checker
Personal Monster Checker (76%)
Click to Play Mental Training - Visual Challenge
Mental Training - Visual Challenge (76%)
Click to Play The Urinal Game
The Urinal Game (73%)
Click to Play Cartoon Quiz
Cartoon Quiz (72%)
Click to Play Farm Stand Math
Farm Stand Math (71%)
Click to Play Quotes - The Game
Quotes - The Game (70%)
Click to Play Brain Test
Brain Test (68%)
Click to Play Memory Game: Horses!
Memory Game: Horses! (68%)
Click to Play Once in a Blue Moon
Once in a Blue Moon (66%)
Click to Play Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle
Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle (61%)
Click to Play Booyah
Booyah (57%)
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